Visioni ridotte

Solo exhibitions | 2009
These photographs, shot at different times and places, are part of my digital archive. Theyare stolen daily images depicting an object, a stranger, an atmosphere or a person familiar to me. Through a work of research and editing, I assembled these pictures in order to create a verbal and descriptive bond between them, a subtle storytelling, somehow didactic sometimes. I merged the images into a single frame, so that a picture doesn't take individuality away from the other, but one integrates the other. I did it though the search for similarities, I have been looking for a leitmotif that always manifested itself differently. When searching for a common element I was often influenced by a dominant colour, at other times by a form. Every topic suggested me a new search. I chose a small size as it requires more attention to detail, it needs a longer observation time and therefore offers greater possibility to perceive a common denominator.
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