Una foto al giorno

Solo exhibitions | 2010
On the 28th October 2009 I opened a facebook account and I started posting one photo a day in order to recreate an intimate self-portrait, “displayed” in the less discrete place: the Social Network. From the moment on, I went on publishing a photo every day: corners of my house, fragments of daily, a stain on the wall or an object abandoned, a weird scene o the light passing through the rear- view mirror of my car, leftovers of a dinner or unmade beds. When carrying on this project I noticed a considerable number of comments and appreciations. The audience of this virtual experience reacted with huge enthusiasm.
My daily ritual was not “mine” anymore. The expectation of the audience. One year after, on December 2011, on request of a gallerist, one of my facebook fans, I exhibited for the first time 365 photos, uncovering myself creating a sort of installation. The xhibition area was entirely covered with images representing myself. Subsequently, I displayed "Una foto al giorno" with a different set-up at N4Studio, a famous architectural firm in Turin. "Una foto al giorno" project is still on. This is the most pleasant daily commitment I have.
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