Group exhibitions | 2013
“Drafted” is the inaugural show of Schema Projects, the first Bushwick gallery dedicated exclusively to works of art on paper. Housed in a former barbershop storefront, it is the brainchild of New York artist Mary Judge, well known for her dedication to all forms of drawing, both as a studio artist and educator. Schema Projects will feature exhibitions of drawings, prints, sketchbooks, artists books, illustration and all things made on or of paper. The aim of the gallery is to highlight art forms on paper and to give exposure to the role of drawing in the creative process of all fields. This inaugural show will include local, national and international artists, with artwork arriving from Russia, Belgium, Spain, Denmark and Italy. It is our hope that Schema will contribute to the cultural dialogue in the visual arts in this vital community. Schema will have Director and Curator organized exhibitions throughout the year. A flatfile will extend the gallery holdings and be open to the viewing public.
US Artists: Keren Benbenski, Gene Benson, Elena Berriolo, Joe Biel, Frederick Biehle, Bunny Burson, Brian Cypher, Mila Dau, Steve DeGroodt, Katarina Denzinger, Joseph Dumbacher John Dumbacher, Robert Egert, Veronique d’Entremont, John Evans, India Evans, James Gill, Kathy Goodell, Ken Gray, Julie Gross, Mara Held, Hanna Herr, Will Horwit, Sherri Hollander, Alfred Jensen, Mary Judge, Joan Kahn, Susan Kammerer, Gaston Lachaise, Sol Lewitt, Meg Lipke, Nancy Manter, Traute Mathes, Karen Margolis, Angela McGuire, Thomas Micchelli, Gerard Mossé, Chiura Obata, Morgan O’Hara, Carolie Parker, Philip Parker, Carol Peligian, Polly Saputo, David Scher, Anne Seidman, Hilda Shen, Buzz Spector, Lawrence Swan, Kate Teale, Austin Thomas, Rob de Oude, Josette Urso, Joan Waltemath, Allan Wexler. International Artists: Dmitry Babenko (Russia), Amélie de Beauffort (Belgium), Sveva Bellucci (Italy), Antonio Freiles (Italy), Simona Frillici (Italy), Finn Have (Denmark), Elisa Macellari (Italy), Vitor Mejuto (Spain), Afranio Metelli (Italy). http://schemaprojects.com/
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